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Herbal Smoke Questions and Answers

Question: Do you have to be 18 to purchase herbal smoke?
Question: My order was deleted. Are you just going to keep my money?
Question: What is your return policy on consumable products?
Question: What will appear on my credit card statement?
Question: What is the free gift that comes with every order over $65.00 ( Cost of shipping or tracking not included )?
Question: Do you offer express shipping?
Question: What does the product come packaged in?
Question: Do you offer order tracking?
Question: What is meant by the term tobacco and marijuana alternatives?
Question: How long does it usually take to receive an order? Which shipping company do you use?
Question: Will legal herbs cause an individual to fail a drug test?
Question: Are your products legal? How can this be legal?á
Question: Are these products safe?
Question: How should the these smoking blends and bulk herbs be kept? 
Question: Does herbal smoke have the same effects as marijuana or tobacco?
Question: What do I do if I find a bug in my herbs? Do you offer refunds if a bug is found in a bag of herbs?
Question: Can herbal smoke help someone quit smoking tobacco or marijuana?

 Do you have to be 18 to purchase herbal smoke?

Yes, Depending on your state you may need to be as old as 21. If you are underage please get off of this site now. All orders are phone verified and require an adult signature. We have staff whose sole job is to catch and aid in the prosecution of underage and fraudulent purchases on our site. Come back when you're of legal smoking age in your State.

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 My order was deleted. Are you just going to keep my money?

No. That is completely ridiculous. We have been in business for over 19 years. If we do not ship an order from a legal adult for any reason the persons payment is always fully refunded. Many times when an order is deleted the card is not even charged. Some banks take longer to credit a refund or a voided transaction than others, but if you placed an order here and your order was deleted and your card was charged a full refund will be issued immediately.

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 What is your return policy on herbal products?

We are unable to accept returns or give refunds on herbal products because they are not able to legally be resold once they are sent out. Obviously, we can not and will not resell herbal products that have been shipped to and received by a third party. This is why we offer sample packs. All sales on herbal products are final.

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 What will appear on my credit card statement?

You will be discretely billed by CSI

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 What is the free gift that comes with every order over $65.00?

It can be anything we offer on the site - Including Pipes, Rolling Papers, Herbal Smoke, Smoking Herbs, Smoking Accessories Etc. It can even be a free upgrade to Priority Mail Shipping.

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 Do you offer express shipping?

Not at this time. We offer First Class 3-4 day and Priority 2-3 day.  Reason: USPS express shipping is not 1 day shipping in some areas it can be up to 2 days. Also there is allot more paper work involved with express shipping.

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 What does the product come packaged in?

A plain box or envelope with just this return address on it:

30677 Overseas Hwy. #262
Big Pine Key, FL 33043-3422

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 Do you offer order tracking?

Yes. We now are offering order tracking for an extra $5.00 on Standard Air Mail: 3-4 Day and Priority Mail: 2-3 Day. Customers who choose this service will be e-mailed their tracking # when the order ships.

Orders that do not include the tracking option can only be reported lost if they are not received within 8 business days or ordering.  We have not had any problems with orders not arriving.

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 What is meant by the term Tobacco and marijuana alternatives?

Great question. Marijuana or tobacco alternatives - Blends of herbs that one can smoke as an alternative to marijuana or tobacco. The term marijuana alternatives means just that. It does not mean substitute. Driving sober is an alternative to driving drunk. Smoking legal herbs is an alternative to smoking addicting tobacco or illegal marijuana. Very simply tobacco is smoked and although marijuana is illegal and consequences can be severe for those caught marijuana is smoked by many people as well. The only thing tobacco and marijuana alternatives have in common with tobacco or marijuana is they are smoked. Marijuana alternatives are not fake pot or legalized weed. The term has been misused by some therefore we seldom use it anymore. What is meant by the term is simply other smoking herbs and blends that one can enjoy instead of breaking the law or becoming dependent. Obviously by the term tobacco alternatives we do not mean other herbs to become addicted to. We mean other herbs that are a pleasant enjoyable smoke.

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 How long does it usually take to receive an order? Which shipping company do you use?

Orders are normally shipped the same or next business day they are verified. Holidays, problems with order verification and other busy periods can cause slight delays. Credit Card Orders will normally arrive 3-7 business days from the order date.

The estimated time of arrival, 3-4 day for First Class Mail and 2-3 day for Priority Mail, is an estimated time the product will arrive at its destination after it has been shipped, not the amount of time it will take to receive an order from the day it was placed, and is not guaranteed by USPS.

Orders that do not have tracking can not be reported lost for 8 Business Days after the order was placed: not including holidays and weekends.

Orders are shipped Via United States Postal Service.

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 Will legal herbs cause an individual to fail a drug test?

To the best of our knowledge it has never happened. Legal herbs are 100% legal. If a drug test were to test an individual positive for narcotics when they had used legal herbs it would be a faulty test.

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 Are your products legal? How can this be legal?

First of all our products are very safe. In 19 years no one has been injured by our products or become addicted to them. Our blends have actually helped several people stop smoking marijuana and tobacco. They offer people who enjoy smoking an alternative to illegal marijuana and addictive tobacco. In 11 years we have had many many return customers (in fact 90% of our business is return customers and word of mouth ) and no one has become addicted to any of our products. Even Wild Dagga flowers, which some have claimed to become dependent on in Africa, and are a really great smooth strong smoke, have not become habit forming to any of our customers. Just because an herb or blend of herbs relaxes, stimulates or makes an individual feel good if used properly does not mean it is something the Government would outlaw. Coffee is legal, tobacco is legal, Tea , Kava Kava and alcohol are legal as well. What is not legal is to become affected by a substance and attempt to drive a vehicle or operate machinery.

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 Are these products safe?

When used properly the herbs and blends we carry have been shown to be very safe. (Other than the risks smoking itself carries. There is no evidence smoking the same amount of legal herbs is better that the same about of tobacco or marijuana. ) However this does not include pregnant or nursing women or individuals on and medications. A woman who is pregnant or nursing should not introduce any new substances without first getting permission from her doctor. The same goes for individuals on medications. Smoking any substance habitually has shown to have possible negative health affects. The occasional smoking of herbs has not.

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 How should the these smoking blends and bulk herbs be kept?

The best way to store your herbs is refrigerate them or keep them in a sealed container. We refrigerate or vacuum seal our herbs when they arrive depending on the herb to keep them extraordinarily fresh.

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 Does herbal smoke have the same effects as marijuana or tobacco?

Our products are not blended to look like or mimic the effect of any illegal substance. They are blended to be smooth, strong, enjoyable smoke. Our products are for adults and need to be used with common sense, but do not mimic the effects of any banned substance. Many people like our herbal smoking blends and smoking herbs better than marijuana because they do not cause the nervousness some people experience with marijuana and they do not feel the dependence some do with marijuana or tobacco.

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 What do I do if I find a bug in my herbs? Do you offer refunds if a bug is found in a bag of herbs?

If you find a bug in a bag of dry herbs don't worry about it. If it is alive just put the bag in the freezer or go outside and let the bug out. Bugs can not eat dry herbs. Like us they need water to digest their food. If herbs are not properly dried bugs can be a problem. If herbs are moist and you find a bug in them, either dry them out by putting them out in the sun, a dehydrator or throw them away. We do not offer refunds if a bug is found in one of our products. Our products are very dry so bugs can not eat them. They can fly into them or they could have been in the herbs when they were harvested. If you find a bug in a sealed bag of herbs you have purchased from us, keep the bag sealed and send us an e-mail. Do not throw your bag of herbs away until you have contacted us.

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 Can herbal smoke help someone quit smoking tobacco or marijuana?

Yes, they can and have for many people. For tobacco smokers herbal smoking blends provide a great alternative. They need to smoke less and less often. Quitting is very hard. Finding a legal herb or blend to smoke can be a big help in many ways. Same for marijuana smokers. If someone is serious about quitting tobacco or marijuana they should try to find an herb or blend of herbs they enjoy smoking to get them through the hard times and go back to if they feel like having a smoke. There is no evidence that smoking the same amount of herbal smoke is better than the same amount of marijuana or tobacco. Most herbal smoke is not addicting and can help people stop smoking other substances habitually. We are not saying it is not possible to become addicted to herbal smoke. All we can speak for is the 19 years we have been in business. No one has become dependent on any of our products.

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